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Alberto Toril: "Jesé must learn to keep his mouth shut"

Following his team's 2-1 victory over Guadalajara, Real Madrid Castilla's coach said that promising young forward Jesé must learn to control his emotions.


Alberto Toril: "Jesé must learn to keep his mouth shut"

Real Madrid Castilla coach Alberto Toril spoke after watching his side run out 2-1 winners against Guadalajara on Sunday and referred to the recent comments made by Jesé Rodríguez with respect to gaining opportunities with the first team.

"I have spoken with him, in private. I am not in his position to judge but he has expressed how he feels, we have to respect it and that's that. I cannot say anything else on the subject. When I spoke to him, I told him that he must control himself in these kinds of situations," Toril explained. "I don't think he has done anything bad and he hasn't had a go at anyone. He has just mentioned how he feels about it. But he has to understand that in the future, he has to keep quiet about certain things. It's perfectly fair - the lad is playing, he's doing well and I respect him. I have told him to keep working hard and his time will come, opportunities will arise".

When Jesé made his problematic declarations, he also lauded the reserve team coach, saying he would be the ideal man to manage the senior side - words which were appreciated by Toril. "It's a great honour to hear one of my players say those things but I don't pin a great deal of importance to it. I am grateful because we have spent many years together but coaching the first team is a long way off for me. At the moment, my present and my future lies here with Castilla and I am very happy where I am", the coach said.

"Jesé is a special player and special players like him need to be given special treatment. You can see it on a daily basis - he is working hard, he is enjoying a great season, it is incredibly how he is progressing and he is already at a very high level", Toril continued. "All of the players are doing well, they are motivated and several of them have options to make the first team. But that is not our decision to make. Our job is to ensure that when the moment finally arrives for them, they are fully prepared. I am sure that Jesé and the others cannot wait for it to happen and when it does, I am certain that they will grasp the opportunity and make the most of it".

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