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Pepe: "We can reach the Final if we play as a team"

In an interview with Bwin, the Real Madrid centre-back looked ahead to Tuesday's Copa del Rey semi-final date with Barcelona and spoke highly of fellow defender, Varane.


Pepe: "We can reach the Final if we play as a team"

Pepe told Bwin this week that he is looking forward to Tuesday's Copa del Rey semi-final decider with Barcelona and had complimentary words to say about fellow centre-back, Rafael Varane.

Varane: "He is a very humble guy but he has tremendous quality. At the start of the season, I told him that within two years, he will be one of the best centre-backs in the world. I hope he continues with his humility and eagerness to learn because he already doing so well. I think he can really progress and all of this experience he is getting can only be good for him".

Tuesday's return leg: "We need to play as a team, like we try to do in every game. We if play that way, we will be in with a good chance of making the Final. Playing collectively will boost our chances of winning. We need to remain true to our style of play and do everything the coach tells us to do",

Life in Madrid: "I feel really great because everyone is happy with me, and that makes me feel really happy".

Sevilla vs Atlético: "Sevilla have just brought in a new coach and that will make them stronger, but Atlético are a side which knows their coach very well and have already won trophies in Europe. I think the tie will be decided on small details. Both Sevilla and Atlético are great teams. May the best one win so they can meet Real Madrid in the Final".

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