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"I know where the criticism comes from and it doesn't worry me"

The Argentinian insisted he wasn't fazed by the criticism he received for his behaviour at the Bernabéu. "Madrid are incredible; they demand the best from you," he added.


"I know where the criticism comes from and it doesn't worry me"

"Madrid are a great side and we'll have to be at our best to reach the final," Leo Messi said after the Sevilla game. He was also unfazed by the criticism aimed in his direction after his behaviour in the Bernabéu: "I know where it comes from but it doesn't worry me."

The Sevilla game: "We came off the back of a bad result and you could see that, but we managed to get something out of the game. It's hard not to think about Milan because we know it wasn't our best game in the San Siro, but that doesn't mean we have to let our heads drop."

The Copa del Rey: "We have to be at our best against Madrid, an incredible rival. We have to go back to the way it was before and do what we've always done. We need to make sure we don't dwell on the Milan game, or this one."

The criticism about events in Madrid: "I don't think about it. I'm only thinking about reaching the final. I know where the criticism comes from and it doesn't worry me too much. The Madrid game is another thing."

Optimism: "The cup and the Champions League depend on us; we have to forget about Madrid and Milan. We can come back against the Italians."

Rest: "I've been used to it for years. I improve when I play more matches. Playing is better than training or resting."

Scoring in all the remaining games: "I'm not thinking about it. The most important thing is that the team keeps playing well. What people will remember in the future is what this team achieves."

Better with an out-and-out striker: "In Milan we didn't create too much. Today, with Villa up front the central defenders didn't push up and that created space for me."

His best goal: "I remember the ones in the final of the Champions League".

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