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CR7: "My career forces me to build a wall between myself and others"

"Criticism is part and parcel of the business but what hurts me most is criticism for issues off the field of play", the Real Madrid forward told GQ magazine.


CR7: "My career forces me to build a wall between myself and others"

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo told GQ magazine this week that criticism "is part and parcel of football and you have to learn to live with it" whilst adding that what really hurts him are the accusations aimed at his personal live.

In the March edition of GQ, CR7 revealed his most intimate side but also spoke about his sporting career.

"Criticism is part and parcel of the nature of the business. What hurts me most is criticism for issues off the field of play. I don't mind when it is about my form on the pitch or the way I play, I repeat, I am the first one to recognize when I slip up", the player explained.

Regarding Real Madrid, Cristiano made it clear that winning silverware is important, saying, "Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world and everyone expects us to be perfect. I think there is always room to improve".

GQ asked him about the so-called 'Portuguese clan' within the Madrid dressing room and Cristiano responded by reasoning that his relationship with Pepe and Kaká is simply due to sharing the same language but insisted, "I would say it was a clan as such. I have many friends at Real Madrid and no just my compatriots".

He also revealed that his did have a couple of run-ins with Sir Alex Ferguson during his time at Old Trafford, "But that's what happens between people when you work together for such a long time and at that level.

"Apart from everything else, I only feel very grateful to Ferguson. He is fantastic as a coach and as a person".

Cristiano didn't want to commit either way when asked about a hypothetical return to Manchester United some day in the future, saying simply, "Working with the best professionals is always a great honour".

He also recalled the first words of advice the Manchester United coach gave him when he first arrived in England, "Be professional, be yourself, focus on your objectives and never lose faith".

As far as the national team goes, CR7 isn't too despondent that Portugal have failed to win a major honour. "It's much harder to win at international level than it is with your club," he continued. "Portugal gave me the chance to play at the highest level and has given me the opportunity to fight to reach important objectives. We reached the final in 2004, the semi-finals in 2006 and again in the Euros last year. That is a great achievement and we are still a relatively young side".

Cristiano added that he would like to continue working in football once his playing days are over and wouldn't rule out the possibility of becoming a coach one day.

"Football is my life. I would like to remain involved in this business even when I retire from playing. But for now, I am just concentrating on the years I have left as a player. Time will tell what happens after that", he ended.

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