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Roura: "If any team deserves credit and respect, it is Barça"

"We always notice Tito's absence. All we can do is try and minimise the impact of that. We wish he could be here when things go well and when things go badly."


Roura: "If any team deserves credit and respect, it is Barça"

Barcelona assistant coach Jordi Roura addressed the media on Friday to discuss the atmosphere in the team following the 0-2 defeat to AC Milan in the Champions League on Wednesday, and to look forward to the league game with Sevilla on Saturday at the Camp Nou.

Playing Sevilla before the Copa del Rey clash with Madrid: "I always say that you have to differentiate between competitions. This is a different competition, the league is very important for us and we are very focused on it. We need to get back into the right frame of mind."

Xavi admitted the team 'did not compete' in the San Siro: "I will respond to this question, but we need to move on from the match. Xavi said that we didn't know how to compete and I think he was referring to certain moments in the game in which we lacked consistency but I repeat, the issue is closed now. When talking about Milan, we'll only discuss the second leg."

Has the criticism of the team been unfair? "We need to be careful about generalising. Every media outlet has analysed the game in a different way, but if there is any team that deserves credit, trust and respect, it is Barça."

Giving a quick reaction in the next game: "It's undeniable that when you have just had a disappointing result you have to compete better in the next game. But you should always go out and give your best and with maximum intensity no matter what situation you are in, and there'll be no exception in that regard on Saturday."

Did the team notice Tito's absence? "We always notice his absence. All we can do is try and minimise the impact of that. I do not think the team is on a poor run. We were not on top form in one game, but it's excessive to say that things are going wrong. We would have loved him to be here when things go well and when things go badly."

Are the players angry? "It's normal that they are not pleased. They are sad, it was a bad result. There's been a lot of self-criticism and reflection, even from the club, it's logical. In this sense, I will say again what I have said before: we will lose more games in the future, but the most important thing is how you react. This team has always stood up to be counted and has reacted well to setbacks.

"The players are determined to play really well in the next few games. We don't normally lose two games in a row. The team normally reacts to a bad result by playing with the maximum intensity in the next game. This is football. We have faith in our players, we hope to be at our best tomorrow."

Will other teams copy Milan's approach? "This is always discussed when a team beat us. Teams have tried all manner of tactics against us. Every team has their own way of playing. I can guess how Sevilla are going to play."

The Sevilla match is at 22:00 CET and it will be a cold night. Will the fans come out and support the team in the stadium? "The fans should support us in every game. The game will be late and it's been forecast to be a cold night but we want everyone to go to the game and the more support we get and the better the atmosphere is, the better it will be for us."

Will Sevilla rest players with their Copa del Rey semi-final on Wednesday in mind? "I hope they put out a second string side against us, but I'm sure they'll go out with a competitive team."

Are Barça interested in signing Hugo Lloris: "That is just rumour and speculation, and we won't get involved in it."

Abidal being given the all clear to play by doctors: "It's extraordinary news, for him and for the club, as we have now got an extraordinary player back. His is a unique case in the world. The fact that he can play again after all he has been through is fantastic. We hope he can get his competitive edge back soon. I think it's going to be a long process because it's not an everyday injury."

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