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Iker Casillas: "The hand is getting better every day"

The Real Madrid coach, who broke a bone in the cup game against Valencia, says he expects to return in a month. He spoke to the press at a promotional event in the Bernabéu.

Real Madrid and Spain keeper Iker Casillas says his hand feels much better after the operation on the broken bone damaged in the Cup game against Valencia. The club captain is continuing with his recovery and is optimistic about the future: "The hand is better every day, though I've got another month of suffering to get the full mobility back. What I can tell you is that it's far worse watching a game of football rather than playing in it".

Other players at the promotional event in the Bernabéu had the following to say about the crunch matches against Barcelona and Manchester United.

Carvalho: "Real Madrid has a lot of experience in these high-pressure games; the club knows how to approach them. We're optimistic ahead of both games."

Di María: "Maybe it's in our favour that we're playing the two games away from home; we're good on the break and very quick. Counter-attacking plays to our strengths. We're physically good"

Adán: "Here what's important is the team. I'm good. I'm happy Diego López is here and he's doing very well".

Morata: "My life hasn't really changed since the goal I scored against Rayo. I didn't expect to score so early on in the game. I'm pretty chuffed because it was the first time I've stated in the League. Long may it continue and I could be something like Morientes".

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