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Karim Benzema absent from training with Real Madrid

Real Madrid's French striker stayed indoors while his colleagues trained. Marcelo and Higuaín continued with their special fitness regime.


The main absence from Real Madrid's training session today, Wednesday, at the Valdebebas practice ground, was French striker Karim Benzema. Real Madrid play Deportivo this weekend. The Madrid players had the day off yesterday, although Diego López, Jesús Fernández, Álvaro Arbeloa, Pepe and José Callejón had turned up for a voluntary session and Marcelo and Higuaín were also there following the special fitness regime the club has imposed on them. Marcelo has been struggling to get back to full fitness since his foot injury.

Benzema was at the training ground, but stayed inside whilst his teammates trained; the club didn't give any information as to the reason.

José Mourinho split the group into two, with those who played against Rayo Vallecano at the weekend taking part in a lighter session than their teammates.

Iker Casillas was also at Valdebebas as he continued the recovery plan he has in place whilst he recovers from the broken bone in his hand, fractured accidentally by Alvaro Arbelo in the cup game against Valencia. The keeper is back doing physical work outdoors and in the gym.

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