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Bojan: "Finishing the match still alive would be a good result"

The former Barcelona forward spoke to AS the night before facing his old club with AC Milan. "The only time I've played against Barça is on Playstation," he joked.

Bojan: "Finishing the match still  alive would be a good result"

This is your second experience in Italy and your first with AC Milan. How are you getting on?

I feel very happy. I feel very positive about many things. I arrived right at the end of the summer transfer window, but I soon took stock of the history of Milan. It's a very passionate club. The veterans have left and the club have put their faith in young players. The plan is that, over time, it will bring results.

You have been named as Milan's best players in many games, but you have not been given a regular place in the team.

I'm the victim of being a loan player. Milan have signed many players for millions and they need to get performances out of them. That's normal, but that is why, where ever I may be next season, I won't be there on loan.

Could you return to Barça?

Yes, it's possible. I left two years ago and, after my adventure at Roma, I am here. We will see what happens, many things could still happen.

You have more of a physical presence now. Have you been working on this?

At Barcelona I think I was 65 kg and now I weigh 68. I'm constantly working on it and it is something that people here look at a lot.

What is Allegri like as a coach?

He's a coach that likes his teams to play football. He is passionate and he wants to have the ball.

Will Milan see much of the ball against Barcelona?

That'll be difficult. We are playing against the best team in the world, with the best players on the planet. It'll be special.

Would you celebrate if Milan scored?

Yes, of course, but if I scored at the Camp Nou I'd have to weigh up the moment. I don't know how I'd react.

But you now belong to Milan

That's true, and I know that. That's why I did not say that I wouldn't celebrate.

Have you ever played against Barcelona?

Only on Playstation!

What memories do you have of your time at the Camp Nou?

Many. I arrived there when I was just a nine year old boy. When I would finish training I would quickly change so I could go into the Camp Nou. It was always my dream to score while wearing the shirt of Barcelona.

Who was your favourite player?

Mi first idol was Kluivert. He did spectacular things. Then there was Ronaldinho, who changed the life and face of Barcelona by smiling the whole time. My mum, for example, would go to the stadium just to see him in action. He was a joy to watch. Ronnie was the man who really started everything at Barça

With Frank Rijkaard as coach..

The boss was important too. He was the one who gave me my first big chance.

What would be a good result for you on Wednesday?

Winning of course, but just leaving the match with the tie still alive would be good. Not losing by more than two goals wouldn't be bad either.

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