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Isco Alarcón: "I would accept a transfer if it helped Málaga"

The most talked about Spanish footballer at the moment admits to being overawed when Málaga signed him for 7 million euros. Now he is a Spain international and worth 35 million euros.


Isco Alarcón: "I would accept a transfer if it helped Málaga"

Have you thought about Málaga reaching the Champions League final?

Yes, I have imagined it. We'll see what happens.

When you saw your name on the list of the previous winners of the Golden Boy award [for the best young player in Europe] how did it feel seeing yourself among so many greats of world football?

It was lovely to win a trophy that Messi, Aguero and Balotelli had won previously. Winning it while playing for Málaga is something to be truly proud of.

What is Del Bosque like up close?

He is a very normal guy, very relaxed, he surprised me a lot. When I went out onto the pitch [to make his debut for Spain against Uruguay] he just told me to have no fear and to do what I do for my club, to take the initiative, to combine with my team-mates. He made me feel calm and confident.

Which Málaga player would you most like to play with in the national team?

I thought that Joaquín could have been called up in the last squad but to the surprise of everyone, he wasn't. People have also been talking about Jesús Gámez as a possibility. He's one of the best full-backs in Spain.

Do you still play kick abouts with your friends?

Sometimes. They normally pick me first! We either play padel, ping pong or go to the cinema.

Are you worried that the situation Málaga are in might mean they choose to sell you, or will it be you that decides when you leave and where you'll go?

I'm not worried, because my head is in this club, but if a club decides to come and sign me they'll have to be a big club because it'd be a lot of money. Therefore, if it would help Málaga, I wouldn't have a problem accepting a transfer, if it benefitted both of us.

What's Pellegrini been like as a coach to you?

He has been the most important coach I've had. I came here when I was 19 years old and no-one knew who I was, and he started to play me in every game. He gave me a lot of confidence.

Which game do you remember most fondly with Málaga?

The game with Zenit St Petersburg, it was a magical night. I couldn't sleep after the game. I even took sleeping pills but I still couldn't sleep.

How many shirts have you kept from the great moments you've had as a Málaga player?

I have loads - from the game with Zenit, from Milan, my debut against Granada, and I have the shirt from playing with the national team the other day.

And which opponents were you most excited about swapping shirts with?

I swapped shirts with [José María] Movilla, I was delighted with that. I used to go to La Rosaleda when I was a child and I remember seeing Movilla running around the middle of the park like a madman. I also have Iniesta's shirt, El Shaarawy's and a few more.

Of all the players you have played against, who has had the biggest impression on you?

Busquets. He is a player that has grown up so much, and, along with Iniesta and Xavi, he is the one who drives Barça forward. He went from playing in the Tercera División to winning the Champions League with Barça.

Have you heard about Unai Emery's comments about you in his book 'Winning mentality'? He said you had a tendency to put on weight...

He can say what he wants. I think he made a big mistake with me, not just in not giving me confidence, but also in the way he treated me. Perhaps he didn't give me confidence because I didn't win over his confidence.

You are still good friends with Jordi Alba, who not long ago was close to joining Málaga.

He's a phenomenon. It would have been a spectacular signing. Emery was reluctant about playing him too.

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