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Mourinho completes the hundred against Rayo

Mourinho completes 100 league games as Real Madrid coach today, but how many more will he manage? The question is everywhere; everybody asks me, and I have to tell them that I do not know. Because not even Madrid itself knows. The answer is different depending on who asks, who they ask and when they ask. Mourinho will do exactly what he wants, and that is impossible to predict in a season which could end in utter failure (if they fall to Barça and United in the next few days) or stupendously positive, if they win the Champions and adorn it with the Cup.

We just don't know. What is certain is that he's now sixth on the list of most games in charge in the history of the club, and with the best percentage of victories out of all of those who went before. First, obviously, is Muñoz, the man in who Bernabéu trusted after years of impatiently tossing coaches. After him he put his faith in Miljanic, fifth in the list. In the middle is Del Bosque, the great victim of the Florentino era. Beenhakker, was the favourite of Ramón Mendoza and then there's Molowny, the club man, who came in to right a sinking ship four times and always left with the club back on an even keel and a trophy in the cabinet. And thus onto the next.

Mourinho, a complete character, is different to all the rest because he's put himself above the club. Or maybe Florentino has put the club beneath him. Those teams of the past are recalled by the names of their players: Di Stefano's Madrid, the Ye-Yés* of the 1960s, the team of La Quinta del Buitre... This team, with its victories, and its chaos, will be remembered as Mourinho's Madrid. Today he reaches his 100th league game against Rayo Vallecano, a team that Madrid have always had a soft spot for, even though they've caused them some pain. For example, they finished Valdano as a coach. Watch out Mou! Things can happen when you least expect it...

*from the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah chorus of the Beatles' "She loves you" after members of the team posed in Beatles' wigs.

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