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"Welbeck's goal was the referee's fault too"

Real Madrid goalkeeper López gave a press conference in the build-up to Sunday's La Liga clash between Madrid and Rayo Vallecano, insisting: "The referee gave a corner that wasn't."


Real Madrid goalkeeper Diego López gave a press conference in the build-up to Sunday's La Liga clash between Madrid and Rayo Vallecano, insisting that the team coached by Paco Jémez would provide a difficult test for 'los blancos'. López also discussed his side's recent defensive problems with set-pieces, and had words of support for strikers Karim Benzema and Gonzalo Higuaín. The keeper also looked ahead to the side's forthcoming away tests against Manchester United and Barcelona.

Sunday's game against Rayo: "We have to get the three points. Rayo are a dangerous team who play good football, are brave and will make things hard for us. We will have to be on top of our game to beat them."

Losing his place when Iker Casillas returns: "I don't think about what could happen to me in the future. I just concentrate on the opportunity I have been given and on taking each day as it comes."

First-leg stalemate against United: "At first it's not the best feeling when you draw the home leg, because you're always looking for the win. But, looking back on it in the cold light of day, it's not a bad result. The tie is wide open, and we can go to Old Trafford and show what we're made of."

Welbeck's goal: "It's clear that mistakes have been made if you concede a goal from a set-piece. There are a few people to blame: Sergio Ramos, me, the referee (for giving a corner that wasn't). What we have to do is improve in this area and try not to concede more goals like that."

Knocking United out of Europe and Barça out of the Copa del Rey: "We feel optimistic. It'll be difficult but this team has done it before and we're optimistic we can do it."

Benzema's form: "He's training well, and he's a very professional player. He's a great striker and both he and Higuaín are going to get better."

Real Madrid: "A great team, both on the field and among the backroom staff. We have the best of the best and everyone involved is totally dedicated to their job. We have to stick together and show everyone that we're a great team."

Set-pieces: "We work hard on them in training. Everyone knows what they have to do. All teams concede goals from set-pieces and you have to give credit to the other team too, because there are some very good free-kick takers. We just have to stay focused and keep working hard."

Taking the initiative at the Camp Nou and Old Trafford: "We have to see how the game pans out. What I will say is that we have shown we can play very well at places like the Camp Nou. We can do that again."

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