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Simeone accepts criticism for the late Rubin goal

Atlético's coach, speaking before his side's game away to Valladolid, said he was responsible for the decision to send the keeper up for a corner.

"I'm not fussed that there has been so much talk about the incident. I respect the criticisms. I have to take decisions, and depending on how they turn out I have to accept what people say. Everyone is responsible for their own opinion. There was a chance it would go wrong and when that happens the critics are right. I'm open to it, and I accept it. Now we need to try and turn it around in Russia", said Diego Pablo Simeone, Atlético Madrid's coach, in the wake of his team's defeat in the Europa League to Rubin Kazan with a slap-stick goal coming in the very last move of the match, when Atleti sent their keeper up for a corner, only to see the ball returned with interest.

Away to Valladolid: "It was a tough game in Bilbao (beaten 3-0), end to end stuff until they broke away. I don't think we were so far away. Tomorrow we need more precision. When you play away from home you need to take your chances, and if you do, you'll win games".

Have things changed at Atlético? "I still think that our objective is to think about every game as if it was our last and play it as if it was. That's what has got us where we are in the tournament. Obviously every team has its highs and its lows, and when you are in a low you need to know how to deal with it. We should do the evaluation at the end of the season. When you are on the move you pass through good and bad moments, but we will take stock of the whole year at the end of the championship. Last year we ended up having a good season, and up to now we're having a good season. We know the important thing is how it finishes and not how it is now. Where we are now is good, but the League isn't finished yet, there is a long way to go".

Valladolid: "I'm expecting a tough team who have got back to their roots. It's a big game, like all of them. They play good football, they are brave and they trouble you from all parts. We'll try to do things in the best way possible. We need to be tight, intense and have things clear in our own minds. Valladolid are one of the revelations of this championship. They have their own style, and a coach who has imprinted his style on them, you can see how important that is in every game; in their position in midfield and how, using the numerical advantage they look for, they get the ball out to the wings. We will try to play our style of football, but knowing we are up against a very good team.

Diego Costa: "Maybe the team has been missing him at the moment. He is physically strong, he gets into space, he's aggressive and he gets the team going; all that makes him a player our rivals fear and an important weapon for us. I hope he's relaxed tomorrow and he can play well".

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