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Roura: "I don't listen to rumours; my keepers are Valdés and Pinto"

The Barcelona coach confirmed that Villa would also be out for the game in Granada, and avoided commenting on Man United's goal against Madrid: "Was Ramos at fault? That's something for his coach to decide."


Roura: "I don't listen to rumours; my keepers are Valdés and Pinto"

Barcelona's interim coach, Jordi Roura, spoke at a press conference after the squad's training session. He also avoided commenting on any rumours surrounding Barça's goalkeeping situation.

Goalkeeping rumours: "We're used to all the rumours so I don't think it will affect us at all. It's something normal. Our two goalkeepers are Víctor Valdés and Pinto, and as long as that's the case we're very happy with them. For the moment, there's absolutely nothing."

"Was Sergio Ramos at fault in Manchester United's goal?": "That's for their coach to decide, I'm not going to give my opinion."

Villa: "It's a shame; just as he starts to play something happens, and now another setback. Today he was able to work in the gym. Logically, he's not in the best shape physically so we'll see how he progresses. He was given the all-clear by the doctors, but in terms of tomorrow's game it's very unlikely he'll be available. For the game against Milan we'll just have to see."

Xavi: "Xavi wasn't able to complete the full training session today. We'll have to wait and see what happens over the coming days. Xavi is very mechanical about it, but we'll just have to see what shape he's in physically."

Nolito: "I remember Nolito well, and he's well loved in the dressing room. He's an extraordinary player and very dangerous. At Barça B he had some brilliant seasons so we mustn't ignore him."

The next rival: "Granada are a side on the up. They've beaten Deportivo La Coruña and Real Madrid in their last two games. Lucas Alcaraz's teams are always very solid, and this particular team has a good dynamic. It was tough against them last season; they press hard and the fans are always on your back. They're tricky opponents."

Rotation: "We've said on many occasions that when it comes to choosing the team there are many variables. We're playing against Milan on Wednesday, but the key game is on Saturday because the league is one of the basics. If we get a good result it will be an important game for the league. We're only focused on the Granada game."

The Milan game: "Milan are an historic team in Europe. They always have good players so we're only expecting a tough game."

Iniesta: "We don't have any doubts, there's nothing to discuss. He's a winger with the freedom to move around".

A rest period: "There are always two sides to everything: when we play on Wednesday and Sunday it's all good because we are competing, but a week of rest is also welcome. One thing we do know is that the game against Granada, right now, is the most important."

The Champions League: "There's not much to choose between the majority of teams. It makes you realise the quality of the teams in the competition."

League advantage: "For sure our position is a good one, but that is no excuse for us to relax in any way. We must maintain our advantage."

Fixture list: "The calendar is what it is, and we have no choice but to play on Saturday and Wednesday. The best way to prepare for Wednesday's game is by winning on Saturday."

The team: "There are certain standards but the information that reaches me suggests that the team is in a good way, apart from the incident with Villa and Xavi's slight injury. We're reaching the business end of the season in good shape, both physically and mentally."

Messi's goals: "He's scored so many different goals and so many spectacular ones that I don't know what to say. Even numerous headers - the goal against Manchester United in the Champions League final springs to mind."

Improvements?: "Obviously there are always things to improve upon. We have to try to concentrate when we are ahead and try to keep a clean sheet."

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