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"Welbeck got the better of me" says Ramos

The centre-back is confident that Madrid can sentence the tie at Old Trafford: "It will be decided in Manchester and we'll be going there to win", he said.


"Welbeck got the better of me" says Ramos

Sergio Ramos held his hand up and said that he was to blame for Danny Welbeck's opener at the Bernabéu. "He got the better of me but it wasn't a corner in the first place. I don't think anyone should be singled out. I prefer to look at the positive side of the team's overall performance. In the Champions League, there is no margin for error and you can be punished for the smallest mistake. We will be travelling to Old Trafford to win - that is where the tie will be decided. We are up against a great rival - one who deserves our utmost respect. We need to get into a different frame of mind but first of all, we need to be convinced that we can do it", the centre-back said.

Madrid's superiority in the first leg: "Our attitude was excellent, we should remember that. We dominated for most of the game but we just couldn't win, it wasn't to be. But we have to believe that we can win over there".

Post-match feelings: "Perhaps the general feeling is a bittersweet one. Sometimes the ball won't go in for you and other times it does. The most pleasing part was the team's effort. We can feel happy with our attitude and happy with the result".

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