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Mourinho points the finger at Ramos for Welbeck opener

The Real Madrid coach expressed his concern at another goal conceded from a set-piece. "It doesn't make any difference how organized we are if we lose individual battles".

Mourinho points the finger at Ramos for Welbeck opener

"It doesn't make any difference how organized we are if we lose individual battles", said José Mourinho referring to Danny Welbeck's opener in Wednesday's Champions League tie at the Bernabéu. Sergio Ramos was supposed to be marking Welbeck when the United forward lost him to head Manchester United ahead. Nevertheless, the Real Madrid coach is hopeful his team can prevail in the return leg in three weeks' time. "I haven't lost even one per cent of belief", he said.

Set-piece problem: "We can see what happened in the television images. We train, we organize ourselves, we define the functions of each player, we study videos of our opponents... but it doesn't make a shred of difference how organized we are if we lose individual battles".

Overall appraisal: "The chance which Fabio Coentrao had would normally have gone in. They had one chance and scored...".

The return leg: "I like playing the first leg at home. If you play away from home first, you tend to conform to gaining a certain result. At Old Trafford, we will go into the game trailing. If they score, we will still be behind but if we score, we will be ahead in the tie".

Favourites: "It's 50-50. We can score a goal over there. I don't think that Manchester United will spend the return leg defending in their area - that's not part of their culture. I haven't lost even one per cent of belief".

Chances: "We created enough chances to have scored more than one goal. We took the initiative against a side who had many players defending - I am not criticizing United, they did their job very well. They defended well and only conceded one goal. Maybe they didn't play to win the game but they have players who can create a goal out of nothing and so they always have that possibility of winning. Xabi had to clear the ball off the line and that saved us".

Xabi Alonso: "He had a great game in spite of all the difficulties he's had. Many players wouldn't have played if they had the same fitness problems as he has had. We almost had to take him off at half-time and later he was right at his limit. I'm sure he won't play [in the Rayo match] this weekend".

Pressure: "I don't feel under pressure at all. I give the maximum of myself then I go home, with my head held high. You win some, you lose some. Drawing 1-1 in the first legs of the Copa del Rey and the Champions League might seem that our rivals have an advantage but we are a team who can score away from home".

Ferguson: "I spoke to him in the dressing room before the game - but not about the match. We just chatted and it was relaxed. We're friends, and whatever happens here, life goes on".

Fair result? "There's no such thing. The final result is all there is. We may have deserved more goals and United had chances too. It's not a bad result".

The future: "I don't know whether my future will be decided at Old Trafford and it's not something which worries me".

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