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Rosell: "There is one Madrid player I have always liked"

The Barcelona president spoke about his thoughts on the Clásico, Barça's relationship with politics and the state of the club's finances in an interview on Catalan radio.


Rosell: "There is one Madrid player I have always liked"

Sandro Rosell has admitted there is one Real Madrid player he would love to have at Barcelona.

The Barça president explained during an interview on Catalan radio station 'Punto Radio', that he has "admired the player for many years" but did not reveal who it was.

Rosell also spoke about his thoughts on the Clásico, Barça's relationship with politics and the state of the club's finances.

El Clásico: "It makes me tense because it is such a great game to experience. It's one of those games where, if you win, everyone cheers the players, but if you lose, it's the president's fault."

Interest in a Madrid player: "There is one Real Madrid player I have liked for many years, but I'm not going to say who it is because I would be creating a circus. Madrid have some great players and of course there is one I would like to sign. Is it Casillas? I'm not giving away any clues."

Cristiano Ronaldo: "Would I take Cristiano for free? Sometimes things that are free end up costing you dearly".

Guardiola: "We miss him. The bond he had with Barcelona will be talked about forever in the history of football, but life goes on. If he put himself up for club president in the future I would vote for him, I would love to see that."

Spanish national team: "I'm not a betting man, but if I had to I would bet that Spain would win the World Cup. It is the best organised team and the relationship the players have with each other is very good."

Implication in Qatargate: "Things that have been said are absolutely false. As far as I know, none of the explanations are true. It's a shame that journalism is not subject to rigour."

The club's finances: "When we won the elections we had a look at the accounts. We have reduced our debt but we have to continue with austerity and look for other sources of income. We still owe money, but we don't owe anything to the government or to the players, our debt is under control."

Football's plight: "Football is in a bubble at the moment and you have to be cautious with your finances. There's going to be a series of measures so that regulations are complied with and so that clubs don't go under or have to file for bankruptcy. We have to reinvent the competition."

Television money: "Television money represents a third of our income, but the bigger the club is, the smaller it is. For the smaller clubs it represents 80 percent of their income. Ourselves and Madrid can live without it, but the others cannot."

Barça and politics: "The club is never going to make a statement in one way or another with regards to politics. This is a Catalan club and a Catalan nationalist club, but it is a mainstream club with a sentiment of openness. Barça should never be used as a political weapon, nor will we let it be. Everyone is welcome, this is an accepting country."

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