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Balotelli fined after run in with police in Milan

The player, recently arrived from Manchester City only took nine days to make the headlines off the pitch.


Little more than a week after arriving in Milan and Balotelli is in the headlines for the wrong reasons. The player was involved in a heated argument with the police outside Linate airport after parking his car in a prohibited area when going to pick up friends, according to Italian newspaper 'La Stampa'. Two traffic wardens asked him to move the vehicle, which the striker did, only to return to exactly the same spot.

The wardens then proceeded to fine the player, who lost his temper. He refused to hand over his papers and two police agents became involved, also according to La Stampa. In the end the striker was fined twice, once for not having his insurance in order and once for refusing to hand over his papers. He was not fined for parking in a prohibited zone however, as he never abandoned the vehicle.

Balotelli's club however denied the reports and said the player had not been involved in a dispute and had not received a fine.

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