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"This was good preparation for Finland and France"

Del Bosque was happy with Pedro, and the speed he brought to the game, as well as with the debutants.


"This was good preparation for Finland and France"

The Spain coach answered the questions from the press after Spain's comfortable 3-1 win over Uruguay.

Pedro: "He's a dynamic player, and he knows what he has to do. He's got that touch of speed that is vital in today's game. We played some good football at times, in the first half we lacked a bit of depth, but Pedro gave us the pace we needed".

Debutants: "They are going to make the squad better, they've fitted into the group well. They've done what they had to do and they stayed true to the characteristics that have brought them into the squad".

Summary of the game: "I think we played well at times, but they were well organised defensively, they were difficult to break down. Their counterattack was their highlight, and we had to be careful. They were dangerous. Both teams have still to qualify for the World Cup, they haven't qualified either and they need to play Venezuela. We've still got important and tough games".

Confederations Cup: "Clearly this is a good reference point for the game over there against Uruguay. They are a tough rival, that close you down well, and their strikers are very dangerous. We have good habits acquired some time ago, a stable squad, and the important thing is that new players come in, so we don't lose that competitive spirit, whether it's a friendly or a competitive match. We have to know what it is to compete, even though the Spanish league is very intense".

Spain-Finland in March: "It's been two and half months since we got together to play. We've got six weeks before the Finland game. More than just the sporting side of it, it's good for the players from the different teams to be in touch. We need to remind ourselves what we are facing in March. We need to prepare ourselves as of now for two tough matches. If we all get on well we're closer to success. In the national team the behaviour of all the players is exemplary".

Qatar: "We're leaving impressed with what we've seen. We've been taken aback by the conditions in the installations. Talking about today's ground, it was perfect".

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