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"I'd rather be naive than believe there was doping"

Spain national coach Del Bosque spoke to the press before his side face Uruguay in Qatar.

Vicente del Bosque, in the press conference before Spain's game in Qatar, said that over his long career in football he had never seen evidence of doping, nor does he think it occurs. "I'd rather be naive than think it happens", said the coach. He also said it was an honour for the team that Raul dropped in to see them.

Qatar: "The Federation's policy is to play everywhere and to promote football, especially in those countries where there is less of a footballing tradition. A game here is fully justified because the country is hosting the World Cup in 2022. I was at the World Youth Championship in Qatar 20 years ago, when Casillas, Puyol and Xavi were playing and I've seen how the country has changed. It's now an emerging power".

Equalling the 68 games of Kubala: "We play more games now than they did then, when travel was more difficult. I have fond memories of him, he was above all a sportsman and passionate about football".

Uruguay: "I'm looking forward to the game, against the semi-finalists in the last World Cup. This is a good match to show why we were Champions in South Africa and in the last European Championships".

Puyol: "I'm pleased for him that he's reached 100 games. He's been an example both on and off the pitch".

Doping: "I don't have anything new to say about the matter. I never saw it, not as a player or as a coach, nor do I think I'll see it in the future. I'd rather be naive than think it goes on. I've never seen anything ever. It's a subject I'd rather avoid".

Raúl: "It was an honour for the team that he paid us a visit. He came with his kids and we gave them Spain shirts. We had a good time and I think he did too".

Nine from Barcelona: "I'm a Madrid fan, and I've never hidden that. That Barcelona are better represented influences the way we play, because the national team is a reflection of the clubs. But there are players from many other clubs and it's the mix of everyone that makes the style and image of Spain".

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