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Reina "surprised" at Valdés' decision to quit "best team in the world"

The keeper scoffs at rumours of a possible return to Camp Nou, saying, "I am under contract at Liverpool until 2016 and I want to honour it".


Reina "surprised" at Valdés' decision to quit "best team in the world"

Pepe Reina gave an exclusive interview to Canal Movistar this week in which he touched on a number of issues including Casillas' demotion to the sub' bench and Víctor Valdés' decision to quit Barcelona on completion of his contract.

Real Madrid vs Manchester United: "United have a coach who has a tremendously competitive philosophy. He is a winner and one of his virtues is that, even without playing brilliantly, his team will beat you. I don't think that the tie will be decided at the Bernabéu. Manchester United have a slight advantage in that the return will be played at Old Trafford but Madrid are capable of gaining a good result there.

Luis Suárez: "Will Luis Suárez join a big club? He's already at one - he's at Liverpool. Apart from which, he only recently renewed his contract so I hope he stays here for a long time".

Casillas: "I have spoken with Iker. I sent his a text message of support when he got injured and I hope he is back with us as soon as possible. He has to recover soon and make sure he recovers fully. His hands are vital for this job and he must look after them".

Diego López: "He is a great goalkeeper and he is at the level needed to be at Real Madrid. I was only surprised that they signed him so quickly but Diego is more than capable of doing the job well".

Casillas on the bench: "I don't think relegating players to the sub' bench motivates them. There are other ways of dealing with these things".

Valdés: "Víctor's decision really surprised me, because he is quitting the best team in the world".

Rumours of interest from Barça: "Barça? When I sign a contract, it's with the aim of completing it and I am under contract with Liverpool under 2016".

Barça: "Barcelona are the best side in the world. I know what that means because it was there that I grew as a player and as a person".

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