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"The talk is all about Madrid, but our rival is Atlético"

Barcelona defender Dani Alves spoke to the press after his team's draw in the Mestalla.


Barcelona right back, Daniel Alves, doesn't tend to mince his words, and yesterday, after his side's draw with Valencia, was no exception. "People are talking a lot about Madrid but our rival is Atlético, who are second in the league", he said.

Analysis of the match: "Given the circumstances we are happy to get a point in this ground. We've had a lot on our plate recently. The effort we put in for the Clásico was incredible, and that came together with a tough rival, and a difficult, slow pitch. We weren't at our best today, but when you can't win you need to get something".

His performance this season: "I think I know what I can bring to the team. I know how important I am for the team. In the first part of the league I was out with injury. Injuries are part of the job, it happens to everybody, but people need to trust our professionalism".

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