"Fuentes was paid 342,000 euros to provide the club substances"

"Fuentes was paid 342,000 euros to provide the club substances"

Former Real Sociedad president Iñaki Badiola claims the club bought doping products with undeclared money before he began his presidency in 2008.

The former Real Sociedad president Iñaki Badiola told a shareholders' meeting in 2008 that the club had purchased doping products using laundered money before he took over.

The meeting, recorded on video and published by ASTV, shows Badiola declaring that the club paid Eufemiano Fuentes, the doctor at the heart of the Operation Puerto scandal and court case, over 300,000 euros for doping products.

"327,443 euros has been spent annually during x number of years in payment to Eufemanio Fuentes, undeclared," said Badiola.

"Including the year La Real finished second. Eufemiano Fuentes, from Operation Puerto, was the man who provided the medicine. We've been buying strange medicines for 342,000 euros per year. It's ugly business."

Badiola listed the previous four presidents between March 2001 to January 2008 - José Luis Astiazarán (the current president of the Spanish Football League, the LFP), Miguel Fuentes, María de la Peña and Juan Larzabal - and said that during each person's presidency they found expenditure that was not accounted for.

He then explained: "Real Sociedad acquired medicines for 328,000 euros that were not listed in the accounts. This means there is another type of accounting at practice here - there is no supporting documentation, no bills or delivery details that can be identified. We know what types of medicine they are and we won't get involved in what they were or weren't used for. We know of the entries in the other accounts, the days payments were made and the people who were paid."

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