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Roberto Carlos: "Real Madrid are doing well right now"

The Brazilian visited his ex-club's training ground to take in the preparations for tomorrow's Clásico.


Brazilian Roberto Carlos visited Real Madrid's training ground at Valdebebas on the eve of the Copa del Rey semi-final, and said that his ex-club were "doing well right now", and that they should enjoy the game without thinking about the important players who are missing the match.

"The Clásico is the biggest game of the season, no matter whether it's in the League, the Cup, or the Champions. It is always an important game. I've played in a lot of matches, I've lived through great experiences, and I've suffered. Real Madrid are doing well right now. They should focus and enjoy the game", said Roberto Carlos to the club's press team.

The left back cast his mind back to one of his career defining moments: "There are two moments that I always remember: the game against China for Brazil, when I scored my first goal, and the Clásico when I scored past Arnau in the Bernabéu. Those goals changed my career".

Having met up with his former colleague Roberto Carlos highlighted the "good atmosphere" he witnessed in the dressing room. "No matter how much criticism there is from outside, I see the people focused and trusting in one another. There is a long way to go and the team is going in the right direction."

Carlos also had kind words for Portuguese coach José Mourinho: "He's got so much experience in all competitions. Everyone says he's the best coach in the world, and the number one right now. He'll prepare the team well. He knows the opposition are very strong, but the Bernabéu when it is full has an amazing atmosphere, and it will be a good game".

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