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Karim Benzema: "Barcelona are not the favourites"

The Real Madrid striker spoke to the press before tomorrow's Copa del Rey match against their eternal rivals.


Real Madrid chose Karim Benzema, their French striker, to face the press before the Copa del Rey game against Barcelona:

The Clásico: "It's the best match in the world, because both teams are marvellous, like the game itself. The fans are up for it, and it's just a wonderful spectacle".

Why do Madrid play better in the Camp Nou than in the Bernabéu? "They are different games. We try to play well at home, but it's true that in Barcelona we haven't lost many".

Real Madrid's strategy, taking into account it's a two leg tie and the players out: "We want to win, and to score goals. We're at home and we know there are two legs, but first up is tomorrow and the best thing for us to win".

Is there much difference between Madrid and Barcelona? Are they still clear favourites? "Every year we get better. Barcelona aren't favourites. They are a great side, but we are ready. We know the game will be tough, but, god willing, we will triumph".

Özil's improvement: "He's got so much quality and physically he's in great shape. It's good news he's with the team".

His rivalry with Higuaín: "I always want to play more. I don't know any footballer who likes being on the bench. I always want more games, but it's up to the coach whether I play or not. If Higuaín is playing well, that's good for the group and for the competition. We both work hard to play more, it's good for everyone."

Players out: "With them it would be better. It's not that it's more difficult without them".

Diego López: "He's a good keeper. Who plays is up to the coach".

The players and Mourinho: "We are united. There are no problems between us and the coach. I don't know who said there were issues".

Cristiano and Messi: "They are both great players but for us Cristiano is the best and it's good that he's here at Madrid, that's all there is to it".

Barcelona with Pinto in goal, and problems in defence: "We know that it's always a difficult game against them, but we are a fine team and we will work to win this".

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