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Busquets: "A good result would be a win, not a draw"

The Barça midfielder is anticipating a closely-fought game on Wednesday and feels that the Blaugranas should not be concerned with Madrid's injury and suspension problems.

Busquets: "A good result would be a win, not a draw"

Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets declared on Monday that he is hoping to gain a good result from Wednesday's meeting at the Bernabéu and by that he means a Blaugrana victory.

Semi-final first leg: "We're going into it in good form but physically, I don't know what kind of game Madrid will play. They are on a high in terms of moral after their recent results. We are relaxed. It will be an intense game, I'm sure of that. I don't know whether it will be decided there but for us, a draw won't be enough. A good result would be a victory, not a draw".

Hard to call: "The return leg is a long way off and if neither team gets a good result in the first leg, it won't be settled until the next time we meet. We had a lot of players out when we met in the league and even so, it was a very close match. Now it's Madrid who have absentees but you never know whether it will affect them or not. I am sure that this game will be just as closely fought. We are not concerned that they have players out injured or suspended. We need to concentrate on our game and try to get the best out of it. The tie will probably be decided in the return".

Similarities with the Supercup Final: "This has got nothing to do with the Supercup. There are some similarities but this is a different game altogether. Both teams are fully settled and in good shape now".

Camp Nou ovation for Valdés: "For the past few seasons he has always been by the team's side and that has made everything much easier. The fans gave Valdés the treatment he deserves and that is good for the team".

Messi: "Messi is incredible. He doesn't need any kind of motivation. He is always trying to improve and that's why he wins so many awards. He makes the difference and for us, he is key".

Xavi: "He is a very important player. It's through him that all of our moves are conducted. He is an example to follow and has marked a golden period for Barça".

The future for Busquets: "I am still young and I just want to continue enjoying everything that happens to me. I feel very happy at the moment. Players like Xavi, Puyol and Valdés are an example but I don't know what the future holds for me".

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