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Carvalho "not sure" if there was a foul on Moyá

The defender's arm was up in the move that led to Madrid's opener at the Bernabéu and Getafe's goalkeeper claimed afterwards that it was "unquestionably a foul".

"It was a quick move which led to Ramos' goal, I'm not sure if there was a foul or not. We'll have to look at it later. I am not even sure if I touched the ball or not", Ricardo Carvalho told reporters after the game.

"The main thing is to keep winning and playing as we are so that we stronger for when the Copa del Rey and Champions League games come around", the defender continued. "We have pace up front and we improve as a team when we use that velocity. We played well in the second half - the second period was much better than the first".

Carvalho was also asked about situation regarding the goalkeeper's position at Madrid, and replied, "Everyone remembers Casillas. It's a shame for him because he really helps us but Adán is a good keeper and so is Diego López so there's no problem in that area".

Getafe goalkeeper Miguel Moyá also came out to face journalists in the mixed zone and insisted that Madrid's opening goal should have been disallowed as he was fouled by Carvalho as the ball was whipped in from a corner. "I'm not going to make a drama out of this but it was a foul. Everyone can watch it for themselves on television and decide. The ref said that the ball slipped through my hands but I noticed some contact on my arm. But as I say, I won't be making an issue out of it because Madrid had 20 occasions on goal and beat us 4-0 but it was unquestionably a foul in the first on", the keeper said.

Moyá was asked whether his name had been mentioned in the list of potential candidates in Real Madrid's search for a goalkeeper. "Could I have been playing for Madrid and not Getafe today? That's what the rumour mill might have said but it would have felt very strange to play for Getafe one day and Madrid the next. Who knows whether they held talks? Turning Madrid down would be very difficult - particularly for a Getafe player. Any player would like to play for Madrid. There were several names on the table and maybe mine was too. But they chose Diego López and that's that. I congratulate him and wish him and Adán good luck".

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