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Casillas sidelined "for between eight and 12 weeks"

The operation was reported as being a success. The goalkeeper must report to the hospital tomorrow to have the wound dressed and will have his hand in plaster for the next three weeks.

Casillas sidelined "for between eight and 12 weeks"

"The operation went very well", Doctor Del Cerro told reporters following Iker Casillas' operation on his injured left hand on Friday afternoon. The Real Madrid captain fractured the first metacarpal bone in his left hand during Wednesday's Copa del Rey tie against Valencia. As the consultant explained at the Beata María Ana Hospital, "A number of small bone fragments have been extracted from the affected area and the fracture has been stitched together with two small screws. The operation went very well and the recovery time is expected to be between eight to 12 weeks although it is better to wait and see how he progresses rather than talk about when he might return".

Del Cerro confirmed that Casillas is due to return to the hospital on Saturday to have the wound inspected and later set in a plaster cast which he must wear for the next three weeks. "It wasn't as bad as we feared. He will return here tomorrow to have the wound dressed. He is well but a little drowsy. He must spend the next three weeks with his hand in plaster. We will be taking it one step at a time so that he doesn't suffer scarring and can make a full recovery. The screws will remain inside his hand - they are 17 millimetres long and two millimetres wide", the surgeon added.

Casillas was paid a visit by Florentino Pérez at the Beata María Ana Hospital and also received several phone calls from colleagues and team mates including Barcelona's international players, who sent him their well wishes for a speedy recovery.

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