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The striking image of Casillas driving to the doctors all alone

Between the pandemonium of whether the Real Madrid captains could stand their coach anymore or not (I personally think they won't be able stand him for much longer) Madrid's real problem for the next two months emerged: the injury to Casillas.

Casillas will not be able to play for the next few months in the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey (against Barcelona) or the next round of the Champions League. It's a huge problem and it will force José Mourinho to decide if he really has faith in Antonio Adán, and is not just bluffing, or if he needs to scour the market for a quality goalkeeper who can guard the Madrid goal during this most difficult of times: at the make or break end of the season and with the world watching.

Since a long time ago, no one could have imagined Madrid without Casillas, not even Florentino Pérez, who often flirted with the idea of signing Gigi Buffon from Juventus, but never dared go through with it. A Madrid team without Casillas is so inconceivable that as soon as the goalkeeper became injured, no-one panicked, no-one could have imagined the injury would be this serious. Madrid were so confident, that once the team had returned from Valencia, Casillas went to the hospital to be examined all alone, driving in his car, with one hand on the steering wheel.

The image was incredible. This photo of Casillas, the best goalkeeper in the world, abandoned by his club, driving to the doctors in the early hours of the morning by himself. It was the most extreme graphic image of an institution that with every passing day has forgotten what it represents. Why couldn't just one of the club's many directors, delegates, personal doctors have gone with Casillas? Can you imagine something like this happening to Kobe Bryant or Roger Federer? What type of institution has Real Madrid become?

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