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Who AS readers think will win the league: Barcelona, 62%, Madrid, 22%, Atleti, 16%

Just one defeat for Barcelona has been enough for a third of AS readers to think that the league is still up for grabs.

Of this third, two thirds think Real Madrid can win the league, which shows the undeniable faith of this army of Madrid fans, the most hardcore if fans, who still remember when Capello's Madrid won the league in 2007 against the odds. The rest are faithful Atlético fans, people treated badly by recent history but who see their club in championship wining form in any other season other eras, and think they can win the league with what used to be known as 'the English average', (win at home, draw away).

I discovered over time that what I like most about football is that it provokes exaggerated feelings. You lose two games in a row, and you think you're going to get relegated, you win two games in a row and you think you're going to qualify for the Champions League, or even win the whole thing. As soon as a black cloud arrives to dampen the mood and kill all hope, a shining sun promises happiness. Now bad things are starting to happen in Barcelona's paradise, while Madrid's inner conflicts gave way to the sensational first half in Valencia on Sunday. And at the same time, the historically chaotic Atlético Madrid have found an unexpected tranquillity, and are trotting along at a steady pace.

The league of two teams, that became a league of one team, has become a league of three teams. And all this in the crazy environment of what is now an open secret, that television companies can no longer pay the clubs what they promised. The money they had offered up, signed for and committed to has not appeared, because we are in a crisis which not even the greatest of vices, not including tobacco, can escape from.

Clubs have been spending money that they don't have nor are going to earn, because the people that were going to pay them the money have not earned what they were hoping for. But the gravy train continues nonetheless. It's absurd, but fun. But in the end, there are things to feel much more ashamed about. Or are there?

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