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Real Madrid and Milan's Kaká negotiation grinds to a halt

Galliani explains that "tax issues" have impeded the player's return to Italy, although he's agreed to reduce his salary to six million euros. Madrid weren't contemplating a loan.

Real Madrid and Milan's Kaká negotiation grinds to a halt

Ricardo Kaká will stay and Real Madrid, and won't complete a planned move to Milan. At least, not yet. Negotiations between the two clubs broke down this evening , Monday due to "tax issues", according to the Italian club. Milan and the player had reached an agreement.

"We're giving up on Kaká. An hour ago the operation came to a halt. Kaká was doing everything possible to come, but the legal and tax matters weren't easy. When one country pays 24% and the other 47-48% you have to ask yourself if that's a normal situation. I believe we'll go on being who we are. Our team also won more points in 13 days than the rest", said a resigned Adriano Galliani, Milan's CEO, who took responsibility for the transfer talks with Florentino Pérez. Milan wanted a loan until June 2015, when the player's contract with Madrid expires. His club, though are only contemplating a sale.

Before the talks were abandoned, Kaká had accepted a salary reduction of four million euros a year (he earns ten). That was published by La Gazzetta dello Sport, following a meeting between Galliani and Gaetano Paolillo, the Brazilian's agent. The Italian club's proviso in undertaking the return of the Madrid man was that he would accept a salary reduction of five million euros. The agreement was closed at six.

The intermediary Ernesto Bronzetti was in Madrid to deal with the subject with Florentino Pérez, but talks got gradually colder. At first it was supposed that Galliani wasn't travelling to the Spanish capital, and then that the deal was interrupted, probably indefinitely.

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