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Andrés Iniesta: "I'll miss Valdés; he's the best in the world"

"People's opinion of him shouldn't change just because of a decision he makes; that would be unfair and unreasonable. He's been giving 110% for twenty years here", says the Barcelona playmaker.


Andrés Iniesta spoke in a press conference after a bad weekend for Barcelona, who have no room for error in Málaga this week. One of the main topics of conversation was the confirmed departure of one of the midfielder's best friends in the squad, Víctor Valdés.

Valdés: "We're not talking about any football player. He's been here for 20 years and he gives his all to this team, his fans and his teammates. His involvement in each match is 110 percent. Each one of us manages his own life and makes decisions. For me he's the best goalkeeper in the world. I'll miss him when he's not here. People's opinion of him shouldn't change just because of a decision he makes; that would be unfair and unreasonable. People will keep supporting Víctor and the team. We need the fans in facing the challenges that we have in front of us."

Copa del Rey: "We're not thinking about being knocked out. We have to have the conviction that we're going to win at Málaga and book our place in the next round. Of course it could happen; we're playing against a great team with great players and they've got two away goals. But we're not thinking about going out for a second."

The defeat: "We would have liked to extend this unbeaten spell the maximum possible but these things can happen. We were competing against a really strong side who wanted to beat us, and when you're not up to your usual standards it's harder to get the results. We have to look at it and turn the situation around; that's the normal response. Not being angry but giving it the attention it deserves, to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Pressure in Málaga: "It's a different competition. If we don't win or get a 4-4 we know that we'll be out of the race for a title that we hold. We have to go there completely alert and committed, and confident that we can go through."

Second yellow card at Anoeta: "It was something that could have been a yellow, but there were also other challenges that could have got a card and when you get one the referee doesn't usually pull out another one straight away. By the book it may be a card, but if you go by the book many other things might have been. Matches are full of these moments."

Guardiola: "I suppose he had the best offers on the table and Bayern are one of the biggest clubs in Europe. As I said when he was looking for a team, they will benefit because what I've been able to experience is that he's a coach who teaches you a lot and really gets the best out of his players. It's good news for Bayern and for football."

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