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Silvio Berlusconi: "As a Milan fan, I dream of Kaká's return"

Milan are still keen on bringing the Brazilian player, who has been a flop at Real Madrid, back to the San Siro, but won't pay him more than 5 million euros per year.


Silvio Berlusconi: "As a Milan fan, I dream of Kaká's return"

"If it was guaranteed that by signing Kaká we'd get third place and qualify for the Champions League, we'd have signed him already," joked Massimo Allegri, the AC Milan coach about the possible return of the Brazilian to the San Siro.

"We'll see what the club thinks about the transfer market, but I'm on the same page as the board, and I think Kaká is a great player."

Meanwhile, club president Silvio Berlusconi remains keen on bringing Kaká back.

"As a fan, I dream about his return, because not only is he a great player, he is also a great person and he will always be in our hearts," he said.

And the former Italian prime minister believes that re-signing the player from Madrid would help them qualify for the Champions League.

"We want him to come here and we hope he'll help us achieve that objective," he added.

According to the newspaper 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' conversations between Madrid president Florentino Pérez and Milan chief executive Adriano Galliani, are ongoing, and the player's agent, the Italian Gaetano Paolillo is in contact with Bosco Leite, the Kaká's father.

For Madrid, the middle man is Ernesto Bronzetti, the bridge between the two clubs. The financial aspect is the great obstacle to the operation. Milan don't want to pay the player any more than 5 million euros a year, roughly half of what he earns at Madrid. In the next 48 hours, the operation will either be completed or dismissed.

In any case, it seems that Galliani will not travel to Madrid, and the transfer could either be closed via email, tonight, tomorrow, or never.

"I'm awaiting news," Kaká told his friends yesterday. Allegri is now studying where he would put him in his team.

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