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Silvio Berlusconi optimistic about Kaká's return

The Milan president spoke to Sky Sports about a possible deal.


Milan continue to be focused on the possible return of Kaká to the Italian club and their President Silvio Berlusconi has once again talked to Sky Sports about the talks with Real Madrid. The ex Italian leader appeared optimistic about the chances of the Brazilian once again donning the red and black of Milan.

"I'm optimistic. He's a great player, a good man and he remains in our hearts. Football has become detached from reality, it seems as if we are playing Monopoly", said Berlusconi.

"But I'm optimistic, because it's possible that Madrid accept the offer directly. It would be a solution to a problem and Kaká could return to form at Milan. Do we hope to play in the Champions with him? We aspire to that", he said.

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