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Raúl Albiol: "Cristiano and Mourinho are both winners"

Real Madrid defender Raúl Albiol spoke before his teams' league game against Valencia tomorrow (9pm).


Real Madrid defender, Raúl Albiol, downplayed the importance of the argument between Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho in the dressing room after the Copa del Real tie against Valencia last Tuesday. The player said that "what happens stays in the dressing room" and doesn't think it will affect the squad. He also said that for him "Casillas has always been the best", although he also recognised Adán's qualities to be worthy of a starting spot.

Mourinho v Cristiano: "It won't affect the group, not at all. The only thing that happened is a difference of opinions between the coach and the player. They are both winners, very ambitious people, who demand the most, and they swapped points of view, nothing more. It won't affect the team, or the relationship they have. What happened in the dressing room stays in the dressing room".

Casillas as a substitute: "That's not my decision. Both goalkeepers are teammates. For many years I've thought Iker is the best goalkeeper. Adán has also shown me that he is a great keeper and a true professional. So whoever plays they will defend Madrid's goal as well as possible. I don't lose any sleep over it".

Does not knowing who will play change things? "Not at all. Just as for the goalkeeper it doesn't matter not knowing which defenders will play. We know a great goalkeeper will be between the sticks and that each of us has to do our job".

Atmosphere in Valencia: "It's a tough place to go, against a good team, with a good atmosphere for football. We need to play two good games, show that we are getting better and that we want to get back to last year's level. We have two matches to show that the team are going to be strong in the Champions league and that in the league we will reduce the gap to Barcelona, or at least give the team a different feel in the competition".

Rotations: "Mourinho hasn't said anything. I guess tomorrow he'll tell us the starting 11, but whoever plays we've got a grand squad and anyone could start".

Lack of match practice: "I've been suffering from an injury for six weeks. And now other people are out, especially in my position and I want to take advantage of my chance to play. I want to play for the team, and for the gaffer to have me in his plans. I want to get better and to have played as much as possible this season. Everyone wants to play".

Valencia: "We need to be aware of the fact that they are going to be up for the match, but as professionals at this level we are used to going to grounds like Valencia. It's good to play in a full stadium, even when it's not in front of your own fans. We'll try to play our style of football, because if we want to win there we need to play well".

Kaká: "To me he seems the same as always. Since he arrived he's made an effort. He's one of us. I don't know what will happen in the next few weeks, that's up to him and the club, but as of today he's one of us".

Referees: "Everyone has their own opinion about referees. Some moan about them, they aren't happy and they have their opinion. This week people though it was a good idea to say it was daylight robbery, but we're not going to talk about it. Referees make mistakes that affect everyone; we need to forget about the refs, especially with the suspensions that are being handed out".

Tension at the club: "My feeling is that things aren't too bad here. We know the league isn't going well, so we need to do well in the Copa del Rey and the Champions if we want to have a good season and win trophies. It is up to us. We need to be united, in spite of the problems we've had, and that every team has. We need to find solutions because we're all grownups here and I don't think the situation is going to blow up. We have players who are good enough to win trophies, so we need to work together from here to the end of the season to win something."

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