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They still love Kaká in Milan

The photo of Kaká with Robinho, together with his statement that he would make an "effort" (understood to mean economically) to return to Milan has diminished his standing in the eyes of Real Madrid's supporters. And it turns out his agent had lunch with Galliani yesterday, Berlusconi's right hand man. They still love him there. Will he go? The player signed for six years and after three and half he's done practically nothing. Madrid paid 67 million for him, and his salary is the same as Cristiano Ronaldo's. Comparing their results is an insult to him, and the rest.

Indeed, last summer Madrid toyed with the idea of letting Kaká go in return for a significant sum. That, plus the saving on his salary would have allowed the club to improve Cristiano's deal, whose three and half years have been markedly different to the Brazilian's; he's maintained a goal every game. The delay to the Portuguese striker's contract extension has done nothing for his mood, with his outburst, an error in my opinion, at the start of the season that he was "sad". Since then he's done the right thing: play outstandingly, improve his attitude and his manners and win over the Bernabéu, something he has done conspicuously.

The other day they chanted his name when he missed two chances. Recognition at a difficult moment, when it's most needed. That's why it was so out of order for Mourinho to scold him. He turned it on, impressively. Cristiano is pulling Madrid along with him, he does everything as well as he can, and he doesn't agree with Mourinho's belief in prejudicial tension and frayed nerves. Hence his explosive efforts. The player who hasn't got going is Kaká, happy in his tranquil nirvana. Madrid would gain a lot just by not paying his salary. If they do they will have to write off the rest of his signing fee, but better that than paying him to do nothing.

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