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Alexis: 1,320 minutes in official matches and only three goals

He scored in the Champions League against Benfica and in the Copa (twice) against Córdoba. His numbers in the Liga make for worrying reading for Barça fans, though. After 13 matches, six as a starter and 684 minutes, he's yet to find the net.


Alexis: 1,320 minutes in official matches and only three goals

Alexis Sánchez's misfiring and the whistles of the Camp Nou, which now receives every one of the Chilean's moves with a nervous murmour, are more than the product of imagination. The wonder kid who cost his team some 40 million euros has scored three goals in 1,320 official minutes this season. "We have to help him, the Camp Nou has been hard on many great players", said Vilanova. Bu the fact is that the Chilean hasn't got going.

He's played 13 matches in the Liga, six as a starter and seven as a sub, for a total of 684 minutes in which he hasn't found the net. A zero which compares unfavourably to Villa's five in 479 minutes, for example.

In the other competitions, the numbers aren't much better. He played 100 minutes in the Supercopa and didn't score. In the Champions League he's featured in four matches, three of them as a starter. He's had a total of 260 minutes and scored only once, against Benfica. Finally, in the Copa del Rey he's managed two goals in 277 minutes (four matches). It's in this competition, though, that the Camp Nou has started to show signs of dissatisfaction with the Chilean. His mistakes on the day of the Córdoba match had an almost comical slant to them. But against Málaga things were serious. At Barça it's believed that if the team's passage to the semi-finals is in such serious danger it's due to Alexis' mistakes in the first half.

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