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Guardiola's agent: "Pep signed around the 20th December"

Pep Guardiola signed a deal with Bayern Munich before Christmas, as Josep Maria Orobitg informed EFE Radio today. He also stressed that his client chose the German side because "they were the best team."


Pep Guardiola signed his contract with Bayern Munich before Christmas, "around the 20th December" said his agent Josep Maria Orobitg to EFE Radio today. Orobitg also explained that his client chose Bayern "because they were the best team of all the ones he had offers from." "We went over the offers and this (Bayern) is not the team which offered the most money. He chose them because of their organization, and because of the potential he sees and because of their footballers", he went on.

According to Orobitg, clubs like Roma and Milan contacted Guardiola to try to sign him. "There were contacts with clubs that were close, and others that were put on hold until a decision would be taken", he added. "Everybody was saying that there were offers, meetings which happened, meetings which didn't, trips that didn't exist... a lot was written" he commented about the rumours surrounding Guardiola's professional future and his return to the touchline.

The agent of one of the best coaches in the last decade reiterated to EFE that "it's all been signed for some time." "I didn't know that it was going to be announced this afternoon. In fact, I was told at 12.00 and they said we'd only talk about what came out in the statement", he explained.

"That there was a leak is a lie. They wanted to take the decision today. Yesterday, the club were denying it, but when a lot of people start to know it's impossible to keep up with it; then you've got to tell the sponsors and organize things. These are really serious people", he noted.

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