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"There could be instability at Madrid and that could help"

Ernesto Valverde avoids getting involved in the debate about Casillas ("it's dangerous to put yourself in another coach's shoes") and admits he's surprised that the jeers against Llorente are ongoing.

"There could be instability at Madrid and that could help"

Ernesto Valverde doesn't think that Real Madrid's recent performances make Valencia the favourites in the teams' Copa del Rey quarter final tie, which starts tomorrow.

Madrid's situation: "Madrid are the favourites. There could be a hypothetical instability, I don't know. That could be one more problem for them, but it's just like when a team comes here and the crowd gets impatient. I believe the Santiago Bernabéu will support their team and not us. We'll try to have a good match and that's it."

Players that support presidents: "What we want and what the players want is what we believe is good for us. The day to be with the team is Sunday. In the end we're closer to the president and we help to make sure people have a good opinion of him."

The songs about Llorente are still going on. Is that normal?: "It surprised me, but I'm not from here. But it surprised me because we were winning and the team was doing well. I don't want to talk about this or even get involved in the fact the fans voice their opinions. But we're going to take it lightly."

Without Cristiano: "He's a player that scored 46 goals in the Liga last year. Of course they're going to miss him when he's not there. The match the other day was uncomfortable for Madrid; it also would have been with Cristiano. But they have Benzema, they have Higuaín..."

Casillas: "Would I leave Iker on the bench? Well, I don't know. I don't have an answer. I'd have to think about that. It's dangerous to put yourself in another coach's shoes, because he is the one that knows the situation. There's no one who knows the Real Madrid dressing room better than Mourinho at the moment."

Sergio Ramos and Pepe: "They're possibly the best two centre-backs in Europe."

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