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"Guardiola had caviar at Barça, he would get it at Chelsea too"

Wenger also thinks that Cesc Fábregas could return to Arsenal one day. "I'm not convinced that he won't come back here one day. He is really an Arsenal man. He loves Arsenal."


"Guardiola had caviar at Barça, he would get it at Chelsea too"

Arsene Wenger thinks it is highly likely that Pep Guardiola will be managing a Premier League team come next season.

It has been reported that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is ready to offer the Catalan a contract worth 65 million euros in order to take over from Rafa Benítez at the end of the season. And the Arsenal boss believes that the former Barcelona coach would be a success at Stamford Bridge.

"He started with caviar at Barcelona, having all those world-class players to choose from," said Wenger.

"Will he get caviar again at Chelsea? Yes, I think he will. Like at Barcelona, he would have good players already there at Chelsea in his squad, so it's a good ingredient again to do well.

"It depends on the quality of the player. He is a great manager but at the moment there is [Rafa] Benítez, who is a great manager as well.

"Is 65 million euros too much for Chelsea? I'm not sure, even for them, but I do see Pep working in this league. Pep is a great manager, but, at the moment, Rafa Benitez is there and he is a great manager."

The Frenchman also admitted that he is hopeful that one day Cesc Fábregas will return to Arsenal, where he spent seven seasons before returning to the Camp Nou in summer 2011.

"I'm not convinced that he won't come back here one day," Wenger says. "He is really an Arsenal man. He loves Arsenal and watches every game of Arsenal. But of course Barcelona was his home town where he grew up and you have to accept that will come into it, especially with them having the best team in the world. [Fábregas would not come back] in the next two, three years, certainly not, because he is linked with Barcelona. But maybe later.

"Fábregas is an exception that I would try again, a world-class player you don't easily find."

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