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Tito Vilanova and Guardiola met for coffee in New York

Vilanova returns to Barcelona today and could travel with his team to Málaga on Sunday. Assistant coach Jordi Roura will take over press duties from Vilanova today.


Tito Vilanova and Guardiola met for coffee in New York

Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova met up on Thursday in New York, where the former has been living since the summer and where the latter has travelled to seek advice from cancer specialists about the right treatment to follow after he suffered a relapse of a tumour on his parotid gland.

The pair met for coffee at Vilanova's hotel and talked for around two hours, until dinner time. It was the first time the two had met since they went for a beer together before Guardiola left for New York in August with his family.

Guardiola and Vilanova speak occasionally on the phone, and the latter called the former when he found out he was to travel to New York for medical reasons. However, Vilanova asked Guardiola not to visit him during the Christmas holiday after he underwent an operation to treat his cancer.

Vilanova, who went to New York with the two Catalan doctors who treated him in the Vall d'Hebron hospital in Barcelona, returns to the Catalan capital today and it has not been ruled out that the coach could travel with his team to Málaga on Sunday for the game against Manuel Pellegrini's side, although it could prove difficult.

Vilanova's assistant coach Jordi Roura, who took charge of the team for the game against Córdoba on Thursday, will give the club's pre-match press conference today.

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