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Vicente Del Bosque: "A coach can't be constantly angry"

The Spanish national coach spoke during an event at the Football Federation of Catalonia.


The Spanish national coach, Vicente del Bosque, named Best Coach in the World 2012 by FIFA, spoke this afternoon at an event held at the Football Federation of Catalonia. He said that it was the duty of every coach to set "an example", and explained that they cannot spend "all day being angry". He said however that what appears to generate interest these days is "permanent conflict and a lack of common sense".

According to Del Bosque a coach should "create a harmonious atmosphere". "They have the duty to set an example, because what they do is more important than what they say. They need to have solid criteria, but at the same time be flexible", the World Cup winner continued. "A coach should be honourable and trustworthy, because that is what gains the trust of the players. Respect is earned every day. There are too many examples of authoritarian coaches who have failed, and who the players would rather forget".

According to Del Bosque, "it is difficult for a team without good relations to have success", and that therefore it is "vital that they are united both on and off the pitch". "We are living in an extreme world, where radical behaviour receives the most coverage. Normality doesn't sell. At the moment the national team is experiencing a peaceful time, which is great, but what sells is fuss and bother, permanent conflict and a lack of common sense".

Del Bosque also offered his opinion of the two coaches nominated with him for the FIFA award.

Pep Guardiola: "He is a fine example of a Spanish coach. He has what a coach should have. He had a well developed sporting strategy, good relationships with everyone and was a pleasant guy. He has earned the right to decide where he goes next".

Del Bosque had less to say about Mourinho, turning to irony: "Of course it's difficult to be the coach of Madrid. Every decision you take is debated. Madrid's coach is never bored", he added.

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