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Mourinho did work... watching his son

When the Ballon d'Or gala had begun, he wasn't working in his office in Valdebebas but watching his son training with Canillas.

Carlos Forjanes / Alvaro de la Rosa

While Florentino, Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ramos, Xabi Alonso and Marcelo were representing Real Madrid at Monday's Ballon d'Or gala, Mourinho stayed back in the capital and took the evening off to watch his son training with Canillas.

The coach announced that he wouldn't be going to Zurich in Saturday's press conference, explaining that he needed to prepare for tomorrow's Copa del Rey decider against Celta. "I have to work, we have a Cup game, a very important game and so I won't be going", he said. But Mou decided to change his plans.

Real Madrid's training session started at 11:00 after which, the Madrid party (except for Cristiano who had trained alone and travelled to Zurich earlier) took a private jet to Switzerland at 13:30. Immediately after the gala, they returned back to Madrid and went to their respective homes. Mou had said that he would be staying to work but he wasn't in his office at Valdebebas. The coach decided to get some fresh air by watching his son, Jose Jr. - goalkeeper with Canillas' youth side, training at the modest club's facilities in the Hortaleza district of Madrid.

Mou arrived at 19:45, accompanied by two body guards who tried to shield him when they spotted the presence of AS. He remained in the background as to not bring himself to the attention of others and appeared in good spirits.

The coach spent about an hour watching his son at work which excused him from watching, in person, Del Bosque and Messi receive their Ballon d'Or awards and Casillas lining up with the FIFPro World XI.

Contradiction. During his three seasons in Chamartín, Mourinho has always been amongst the finalists for the Ballon d'Or Best Men's Coach award. Last season, Madrid were due to visit Málaga for the return leg of the Copa del Rey on January 10th and so he justified not attending the gala on professional grounds: "It's a pity I can't be there. I would have liked to have gone to Zurich to congratulate the winner. This year I haven't deserved to win the award. I think Guardiola deserves it", said Mou at the time, showing more diplomacy than he did in last weekend's presser.

In January 2010, when the FIFA award and France Football award were merged and the first Ballon d'Or for coaches was introduced, Mourinho did attend the gala. He had won the treble with Inter and believed that he would be the eventual winner despite Del Bosque having won the World Cup with Spain in South Africa. The FIFA gala took place on the 10th of January but the following Thursday, Madrid had an important Copa del Rey meeting with Atlético but Mourinho did not use it as an excuse on that occasion.

As far as Florentino is concerned, Mourinho's absence in Zurich yesterday represents a lack of respect towards the institutions and it's not the first time that such a thing has happened. Back on November 5th the club organized an event to celebrate the new phase of the players' residence at Valdebebas. Mourinho, who was involved in a war of words with Alberto Toril at the time, decided not to attend but three days later he did turn up for a club event with Audi but was in such a bad mood that it was an awkward moment for everyone present.

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