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Xabi: "Mourinho told me he missed the ceremony to work"

"Cristiano is happy at the club and the club is happy with him. I have no doubts at all that he has the club's support". The relationship between Mou and Iker is, "cordial and respectful", he said.


Xabi: "Mourinho told me he missed the ceremony to work"

In Tuesday's post-training press conference, Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso spoke about the subject of his contract renewal, the relationship between Mourinho and Casillas, the captain being demoted to the subs' bench and Mourinho's absence at last night's FIFA gala in Zurich: "He told me that he was working".

Contract talks: "It's not an issue which worries me or one which is open for discussion. I don't want to talk about it because it's a private matter".

Mourinho's absence at the FIFA gala: "The boss makes his own decisions. I asked him about it and he said he was working on tomorrow's games. We are all aware of how important the Celta game is"

Mourinho's public image: "I don't think it affects him. When I spoke to him, he said he was working. I don't know for how many hours he was working but he is very meticulous and professional about these things and so I sure we will be well informed about our opponents".

Casillas and self-confidence: "The team has complete faith in Iker and Adán. The other day Adán was unlucky enough to have been sent off in the sixth minute and Iker couldn't do much about the goals. It's just tactical decisions. We are fully behind both of our keepers".

Iker's situation: "He seems fine to me. He is not used to being on the bench but he is working hard so that he is ready when he is called. With the coach he has a respectful, cordial relationship".

Ballon d'Or awards: "I don't think it's for me to say whether it is fair or not. There has been a lot of talk about it, Messi won, we all congratulated him and each other and that's that".

Atmosphere within the squad ahead of the Celta game: "We all know how important this game is - it's like a Final. We hope the team is ok and the public gets behind us. In the Cup you either qualify or get knocked out, but the overall mood is good and we are feeling positive".

Making the quarter-finals: "You have to go out to win. It's important not to concede any goals. Celta played well against Valladolid on Sunday - they are playing good football at the moment and I am not expecting an easy game but if we played as we should we can get through this".

Contract renewal for Cristiano: "Of course, I would renew Cristiano's contract".

How is Cristiano after the FIFA gala? "He seems perfectly fine to me. We were together yesterday at the gala and this morning we are just thinking about the Celta match. I think Cristiano is happy here and the public is delighted with him. I have no doubts at all that he has the club's support".

Title race over? "We have never said that nor can we allow ourselves to think so irresponsibly".

Modric under pressure: "I don't think it's pressure. He is adapting at a different pace. I struggled to adapt to the Spanish league when I returned too. He's a great bloke. We have a great relationship and I am sure that he's going to be a key player for us".

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