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Iniesta: "Being here alongside Cristiano and Messi is amazing"

"It's incredible. It's great fun to be able to play with the best players in the world and being here, with the top players in the world is very special", he said.

Iniesta: "Being here alongside Cristiano and Messi is amazing"

Being in the running: "Right from when you are a child you have ambitions, you are eager to learn and keep developing but you never think that you are the best in your age group. So for me, being here today is a very special moment. I am delighted to be here".

On a level with Cristiano and Messi: "It is very nice to be here alongside Cristiano and Messi. All I hope for is that this moment will be as good as it was for me the last time I was stood alongside them".

Racism in football: "The sad thing is that these things continue to happen and will never cease. Ideally, this minority of people should be fined or banned and maybe then they will see the error of their ways and change. Regarding players who are victims of abuse quitting the field is a personal issue".

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