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CR7: "Why didn't I choose Messi? Because I couldn't vote"

The Real Madrid ace insists his conscience is clear - the award is not a matter of life or death for him and whatever happens, life goes on.

CR7: "Why didn't I choose Messi? Because I couldn't vote"

Cristiano Ronaldo voiced his feelings just hours before the name of the world's best player of 2012 is announced in Zurich. The player repeated his words from last week's press conference in Valdebebas, saying his conscience is clear. "It's not a question of life or death. Life goes on. We managed to win the league and the Spanish Supercup. I have achieved something independently of what might happen today", he told those present in Monday's press conference in Zurich.

Why he didn't vote for Messi: "I didn't get the chance to cast my vote. I suffered an eye injury and I couldn't vote".

Racism and Boateng's decision: "FIFA and UEFA are constantly discussing these matters. Racism should not exist. It is just a game of football - that is what the public go to the stadium for. Racism isn't good for anyone. It's not good at all. All of us should try to live together in peace. Boateng's decision was personal. Abandoning the pitch was his decision to make. But these things do happen in football grounds and sometimes, we cannot leave the pitch because we have to live with these people who, to be honest, have a few screws loose. I don't know how to give you a concrete reply to your question on whether it is right or not to leave the pitch when you receive abuse".

Feelings of frustration about Messi? "No, I don't feel frustrated. Our rivals do their job and I do mine. There isn't any rivalry about who wins more than the other. Of course, we are both here today to win but no rivalry exists between us. All we both want to do is just enjoy this moment".

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