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"Neymar deserves to play for the best team in the world"

"Tito is really excited to be back. The fact that he's already leading the team again is the best news possible for us" says the Barcelona forward Pedro Rodríguez to Esports Cope.


"Neymar deserves to play for the best team in the world"

Barcelona's Pedro Rodríguez spoke to 'Esports Cope' today about the current situation at his cluib, and his words were picked up by Europa Press.

La Liga: "We've got a good advantage.We're in great shape in the Liga because of the points gap. We'll try to see to it that the distance isn't reduced so we can win the title. The team is going forward with the same ambition as always."

Neymar: On the possibility of Neymar joining the team, Pedro said that "we know he could be here. We don't know if he can fit in. What we do know is that he's one of the best in the world. And he deserves to be in the best team in the world."

His goal drought: "I'm having a bad spell because I haven't scored for a long time. But these spells come and go. The main thing is to stay relaxed and help my teammates, so that the team keeps winning. I have to be calm and do my work, because the goals will surely come."

The future: "I'm happy here. The club has always believed in me. I feel very valued and loved."

Tito: "He's really excited to be back. He's very strong, already leading the team again, and that is the best news possible for us. I hope he'll be on the bench on Sunday as that's important for us. But the main thing for him is his health; it'll depend on him and how he feels."

Abidal and Tito: "They're examples to follow for what they've been through and what they've fought. These adverse circumstances help unite everybody. And that's good for the future."

Espanyol: "A derby is always nice. Despite the fact they're low down in the league they're a good side. They'll be tough opponents to beat."

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