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"I'm not ruling out experiencing other cultures"

"Time will tell. I've been in the Barça goal for eleven years, which is complicated in many ways," Valdés said. The Barça keeper is yet to renew his contract at the club.

"I'm not ruling out experiencing other cultures"

Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés spoke at a press conference in which he didn't confirm whether he would see out his career at the club he has spent eleven years playing for. He was also unconcerned that his contract renewal remains unresolved.

New contract: "Since signing the last one I haven't discussed it any further. My hopes of ending my career here... time will tell. I've been in goal here for eleven years, which is complicated in many ways. I'm not ruling out experiencing other cultures, other styles of football, other countries, whatever comes my way."

Doubts: "Only those goalkeepers that have been between the sticks can give their opinion. I've seen every kind of keeper. The only thing you try to do is win, but what's said and all the doubts about me come as no surprise. I never said I didn't have the fans' support; a keeper's position is crucial, whether they make mistakes or get things right. There were comments in the past that didn't surprise me either."

Iker Casillas: "I was surprised when they told me. I don't know why, only the trainer knows that. But Iker is aware that he has my support and I'd like to see him back in the side, which is where he should be. I'm the last person that should be getting involved in the matter."

Pinto: "What makes me play better is my own work, not having Pinto there. I don't need someone there to make me better or worse."

The league as a foregone conclusion: "It's far too early to think that it's all over. There's still a long way to go, the league is very competitive. We're doing things right, but nothing has been decided yet."

Madrid's failure? "If we win the league it will be our success. It's not about who is behind or who is the closest, what I care about is who comes out on top."

Plantar fasciitis: "I've been working on my recovery. After the game against Vallodolid I was in a fair bit of pain and I still am, but it doesn't get in the way of me playing."

Derby: "It's always important, home or away. We know what the home game means and on a professional level we always give it the importance it deserves and the cliché: we're playing for three points."

Two examples for everyone: "It's amazing for the whole squad, them being there and giving everything for the team. We think a lot of what they're doing because it gives us strength and shows us the right path to take. Now we just need to celebrate their involvement in the sessions."

Tito and the derby: "We haven't spoken to him about it. The most important thing is to have him close by, in time he will return to normality."

Goalkeepers at Espanyol: "Both are good keepers. Cristian suffered a bit in the bad run they had and Casilla has taken full advantage. Whichever one plays will do a good job."

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