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Cristiano: "I'm not going to discuss my contract renewal"

"I feel at home and hopefully I can give my best, as always, and improve on last year," he said about his current situation at Real Madrid.

Cristiano: "I'm not going to discuss my contract renewal"

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke at a press conference after Real Madrid's training session and insisted that he was not concerned about his contract renewal with 'los blancos'. The Portuguese star also said he was comfortable with his team-mates and felt the support of the fans on and off the pitch.

His current situation: "I feel good and I believe that this year will be better than the last one. I feel at home and hopefully I can give my best, as always, and improve on last year."

Contract renewal: "This has already been spoken about and I'm not going to discuss my contract renewal anymore; it's not the most important thing at the moment, the most important thing is winning our next matches. We're fighting for the league, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League. It's not important until that's over. It's important we stick together."

The fans: "At the moment I feel comfortable with the fans, both inside and outside the Bernabéu. They give me a lot of support. As do the ones that are far away, that's why I'm happy and I try to reward them in the best way possible, which is playing well, giving it my all in the jersey and play at the top of my game to help Madrid."

Real Sociedad: "We want to get off to the perfect start at the beginning of the year. We know they're currently on a good run so we have to start stronger. We're playing at home so we're favourites and we want to start well."

Manchester United: "I've got a lot of affection for my friends there. It's a team that has played a large part in my career. People there know me well and the people I know there have a place in my heart. But now I play for Real Madrid; there will be some sadness, but I want to win and score, and do my best."

Portuguese Persecution: "I understand Pepe; he's a friend of mine. I understand it. Pepe wasn't talking about Real Madrid, but away. When we play in other places I feel the same as Pepe. There's more of an atmosphere, which upsets us a little more, but within the club we don't look at nationalities. Inside Madrid, the stadium, the fans, the dressing room and the club are all amazing and we are all treated the same. That shows what a great club Real Madrid is."

The tension Florentino was talking about: "It's difficult when a top team is not at its best. There is more tension and the players also feel it. We are affected by it but that's life and that's football and we have to face it together. Nothing in life is easy. You have to try and change it. It's going to be an exciting year and we are going to improve a lot."

Mourinho: "Well, I'm not sure. It depends on the situation at the club. I would be very happy because he's the right trainer for the job. A top trainer for a top club. I think he'll stay but everyone decides their own future."

Casillas being left out: "Nothing surprises me in football. He looks in good shape, just like Adán and Jesús. His substitution is a technical decision that we have to respect. The trainer is in charge so that the squad improves. The calls the shots and you have to respect his decisions."

La Liga: "Obviously it's complicated. We lost points at the beginning that we shouldn't have lost. I don't know if it was because we weren't feeling good but we were affected. Our opponents won when we didn't, but sometimes it happens in football and we have to be ready to do better. We're not at our best and we have to admit it, but we also have to deal with it. We're training hard and better things will come, for sure."

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