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"Pep didn't invent anything; what Mou's done is harder"

For the Ballon d'Or, he opts for Cristiano or Messi, although in his opinion it's really difficult to decide because each one dominated for half a year.


"Pep didn't invent anything; what Mou's done is harder"

Anderson Luis de Souza, better known as Deco, spoke about José Mourinho and Josep Guardiola in an interview on the Portuguese channel RTP. Despite having played for Barcelona the midfielder praised the Portuguese boss, who he rates more highly, at least for the moment, than Guardiola.

"Winning in each place, like Mourinho's done, is more difficult. Guardiola is a great coach but I still say he didn't invent anything at Barcelona. But we'll see how he does in the future when he's in charge of other teams; then we'll be able to make a better assessment", said the Fluminense player.

On the current Barcelona, Deco believes that they are "the same" as the team of his time, although with Messi who is "the only difference." He also noted that he isn't sure who deserves the Ballon d'Or more, Cristiano or Messi. "Cristiano was the best player during the first part of this year and at the moment it's Messi, who's doing incredible things. So I don't know, it's really difficult", he said.

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