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Mourinho: "I'm too young to quit"

The Portuguese trainer reiterated to 'Tuttosport' that he has no intention of resigning: "I've always said my goal is to win a third Champions League with a third team, which has never been achieved before."


Mourinho: "I'm too young to quit"

José Mourinho reiterated once again, as he had done previously in a press conference in La Rosaleda after the defeat to Málaga, that he has no intention of resigning: "Ferguson says he is too old to retire, well I'm too young to quit. I want to win a third Champions League with the third team," he told 'Tuttosport'.

A difficult week: "That's how it's portrayed in the press, particularly in Spain, but maybe we need to talk about more than a week: in the last two months we've lost a bit of everything. After the defeat to Málaga I thought long and hard about my own situation and the situation at Real Madrid. I spent Christmas in Portugal with my family and now I'm here, in Dubai, with lots of friends like Maradona and Capello. I finally arrived at the conclusion that football changes, practically every day and every minute, even every second. But one thing never changes: the coach always picks the team."

Retirement: "I'm going to quote Alex Ferguson: "I'm too old to retire". "Well I'm too young to quit. I've always said I want to win a third Champions League with three different teams after winning with Porto and Inter Milan. It's something that has never been done before and for Real Madrid it would be the tenth Champions League - no other team has ever reached double figures."

Juventus: "I don't like them because I'm wary of them; Conte's side could win the Champions League. They're a very compact and solid team, almost like a ship that won't sink. Are they missing a striker? That's just as well, although it also makes them unpredictable, anyone can score at any time: a midfielder or a striker. It doesn't matter if there's a Benzema or Higuaín when you're facing such a well organised side. They remind me of the Porto I was in charge of in 2004. The Porto, just in case anyone had forgotten, that won the Champions League in Gelsenkirchen."

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